Mat and Barre Level Descriptions

Start with the basics and get the most out of your Pilates, Yoga and Barre Practice! You will learn the fundamentals and proper technique of mat Pilates, Yoga and Barre, focusing on mind/body connection, breathing, alignment and awareness.
All Levels
All Levels Mat and Barre Practice is movement designed to work every muscle in the body in an efficient, focused manner. The exercises are designed to align, lengthen, and strengthen the body in a unique manner. Most movements are non-impact and non-weight bearing. All require focus and concentration. Classes are suitable for students of all levels and abilities.
Intermediate / Advanced
For the Pilates and/or Yoga practitioner with experience that wants more of a challenge. This level is challenging and personally rewarding. Not suitable for beginners.

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Our Studio has been designed with your privacy in mind. Practicing in a group environment is welcoming, comfortable and FUN. Get inspired today by our many options from beginner to advanced practices...Core is for EVERYbody!
Pilates Basics

Pilates Fusion
All Level Yoga


Power Flow Yoga

​Pilates Plus

Core & More

Core & Restore
Core Barre

​Core Ball

Core Barre Lite

Core Barre Fusion
Hardcore Abs
Pound Rockout Workout

Holy Yoga


Yogilates (Outdoors-Spring/Summer)
Fit Camps/Challenges
Women's Wellness Retreats

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