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The greatest investment you will ever make is the one you make in yourself!  ​​​Hi!  My name is Tuula, creator of Core Connections, LLC.  I personally invite you to practice with me and the empowering Leadership team at Core! 

Welcome to the most pivotal & rewarding journey you'll ever experience, Core style!

See YOU on the mat...or at the Barre! 

Are YOU ready to live your 

BEST life?

Empower the MIND,
Train the BODY

thru the Core Philosophy...

Our mission is to guide YOU to a Healthier, Happier, Stronger, 

We are passionate about assisting our practitioner's with their wellness goals & are committed to empowering YOU to personal wellness success &  BALANCE​ ...

ON & OFF the mat!

Control > Execute > Transform

Connecting Mind & Body - BALANCE for Life!

​​   Core Connections

Pilates, Yoga & Barre Wellness Studio